Country Families Early Parenting Group

A Child Health Nurse will be running a 4 week Early Parenting Group for families with babies aged 0 – 4 months. The group will be held via webinar and will start on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 2pm. You will need to download the Vidyo Conference software on a computer or your … Continued

Country Families Online Workshops

We are running Online Workshops  for country families on the following topics: (Registration form at the bottom) Join us at home or at you nearest Community Resource Centre   Baby, Toddler and Pre-Schooler Question & Answer Workshop – Tuesday 18th December 2018 2pm   Register online and send us your parenting questions or ask them in person … Continued

Country Parents Consultation

This service is for families living in rural and remote regions in Western Australia. We are able to offer 30 min individual consultations via video or phone, with a Ngala Child Health Nurse, to support you with your parenting needs. These are available Monday to Thursday in the afternoon.   Once you fill in the … Continued

Video Consultations in the Pilbara

Consult with a caring Ngala health professional via video service Ngala Next Door. You can use your device at home in the Pilbara to talk with us. We focus on parenting ages 0-6 years can topics can include: Lactation Sleeping (day and night) Bedtime routines Settling/re-settling skills Meal times/feeding challenges Managing challenging behaviour Managing a … Continued

Nurturing And Parenting Program for Youth – NAPPY

Become a more confident and skilled parent.
NAPPY is for young mums and dads (up to 25 years) in Rockingham and Coolongup.
Join us for a weekly NAPPY playgroup for fun and learning.
Learn from talks on relationships, raising kids and child development.
You can also discover new education and employment opportunities.

Ngalang Moort Ngalang Kurlangah (Our Family Our Children)

Ngalang Moort Ngalang Kurlangah (Our Family Our Children)
For mums, dads, aunties, carers and families with children aged 0 to 8 years living in the City of Swan.
Bring your little ones and have a yarn and a cuppa with us.

The Swan Alliance

Supporting children and families from birth to 12 years.
The Swan Alliance sub-contracts local organisations, known as Community Partners, to run activities and programs for local families.
The Swan Alliance is a partnership between Ngala, Mission Australia and Anglicare WA.
It is funded by the Australian Department of Social Services to deliver Communities for Children.

Noranda Family Centre

A vibrant Family Centre in Noranda, WA.
Noranda activity rooms are available for hire. The space is quality, affordable and easy to use.
Noranda staff run regular Early Parenting Groups, Playgroups, community run groups, lessons and more.
The centre has an outdoor play area and enclosed play area. It is fully air conditioned and has kitchen facilities.
Hawaiian’s Noranda is a short walk away.
Enjoy plenty of parking and local public transport.


MyTime is for parents and carers of children with a disability, developmental delay or chronic medical condition.
It’s a place for you to unwind and talk about your experiences. It’s a world away from appointments and therapy. It’s support for you.
While you attend your group led by a trained facilitator, a play helper will engage your pre-school aged child.

Extended Stay

Learn to overcome difficult parenting challenges with a team of friendly staff.
Extended Stay is an intensive 4-night program. During your stay, you can work with experts in child and family health, lactation, social work, psychology and health.
We will talk about your challenges in depth and support you to find solutions.
Your stay runs from Monday to Friday morning.
This service is for families of children aged 0 to 6. A letter of admission from your medical practitioner is essential. Fees may be covered by your health fund.

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