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Ngala have partnered with WACHS to provide free child health and parenting information and support to families with children from birth to 8 years of age living in regional, rural and remote WA.  Flyer – Country Families @ Ngala

In Partnership with the WA Country Health Service (WACHS).

The following services are available:

Individual Consultations

To book a session, please click here.

30-minute consults with a Ngala Child Health Nurse to discuss any area of parenting support or child development. These can be provided by Video Conference or over the phone.


Facebook Group – Tutorials / Facebook Live / Live Chat

You can find us here: CountryFamilies@Ngala.
Join a community of other country families on our private Facebook group and receive updated parenting tips, resources and connections.
We have Tutorial Videos, FB Live sessions (which can be viewed later) and interesting posts on all things parenting for children 0-8 yrs.


  • Brain Development During Pregnancy – 1st July   Pregnant, ready to grow a smart happy baby? Join us to discover some of the latest science on brain                     development in utero. To quote John Medina “the most important job you’ve ever signed up for may also be the most interesting thing you’ll ever do!”
  • Introducing Solids – 23rd July This tutorial will help parents introducing solids to their baby, what to expect, when to start and progress.
  • Sleep for Babies 4-6 months – 20th August  Babies need to learn the skill of going to sleep by themselves, some helpful tips on how we can help our babies develop this new skill.
  • Building Strong Bonds with your Children – 25th August  How do we connect with our children, and help them feel safe, loved and nurtured? In this tutorial, we will explore ways you can build a strong bond with your child and how important those first early relationships through simple of ways of understanding their needs and connecting with them emotionally.
  • Separation Anxiety in Children over 3 years – 28th August  Separation anxiety is a fear of being separated from their parent or carer and is a normal part of growing up. Separation awareness usually starts around 6-8 months with separation anxiety usually improving as a child nears school age. Jill will be discussing some tips about how we can support our children to manage these feelings.
  • Newborn Baby Sleep – 17th September  Sleep is necessary for all of us. It helps our brains and bodies to develop, restore and repair. That’s why growing babies need so much sleep. This recording will look at baby’s cues, feeding and sleep patterns help with settling your baby to sleep. (Babies 0-4 months)
  • Emotional Coaching – 22nd September  This tutorial will look at how we can help guide our children to learn about naming their emotions and healthy ways to express their emotions. We will explore strategies used in emotion coaching. (2 – 8 years)
  • Your Toddler and a New Baby – 25th September  Having a second child is often much easier than the first – no fears of the unknown or doubts about how to take care of your baby. But along with this confidence comes a new set of challenges. Jill has some tips to help with the transition of your toddler from baby to big brother or sister.  (18m and older)


  • FB Live Sessions: (these can still be viewed)
  • Parenting Q&A – 24th July
  • Introducing SMS for Country Dads – 5th August
  • Baby Rhyme Time Session – 6th August   Join Jill with your baby for a Baby Rhyme Time session. Repetition of rhymes and stories is good for brain development and supports language and Literacy development. By having some 1-1 time with your baby singing songs builds a strong bond and is setting the base for developing great relationships and communication.
  • Staying Connected With your Partner – 11th August  We will be answering your questions and giving tips on ways you can stay connected to you partner during the early years of parenting. Tips on growing good communication skills, finding time for each other during the busy-ness of everyday life and how to help support each other as your relationship change with becoming and being parents. 
  • Baby Massage – 11am – 3rd September   Join Jill with your baby for a live session on Baby Massage. Baby massage has lots of benefits including time to bond with your baby and can help with sleep and settling. For babies 0 – 12 months.
  • Dads and Kids – 11.30 am – 8th September   We will be talking about the important role that Dad’s and father figures play in children’s lives and how having a connected relationship can help children learn good social, emotional and physical skills that sets them up for life! (all ages)


‘Live Chat’ via Facebook 

Chat with a Ngala Child Health Nurse via Private Messaging. You can access this service by joining our Facebook Group and posting your questions.  (please note this service may not be available on some days and it excludes public holidays)

  • Wednesday 9am – 10.30am
  • Friday 1pm – 2.30pm

Terms & Conditions:   Any information or advice provided to you through use of this application is given by a Ngala Child Health Nurse and is based on the best assessment of the issues you have disclosed over this application. If you are still concerned, please take your child or the child in your care to see a doctor, or Child Health Nurse.


Online Parenting Workshops and Groups (Newborns to 8 years) 

To register, click here.

Our online parenting workshops and groups cover a range of topics for parents such as sleep, settling, feeding, play and learning, starting solids, toileting, child safety, parent wellbeing and many more.

Our workshops provide parenting and child development information, with the opportunity for Q & A and group discussion throughout the session.  If you would like for us to cover a topic, please send us an email via





Country Families Home Visiting Service in Perth

Supported by the WA Country Health Service, Ngala provides a Child Health Nurse home visiting service to country families in Perth, who have their baby in the metropolitan area.

Families can self refer or be referred by health professional.

To register/enquire, please contact by mobile: 0406463506 or email:



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