Country Families @ Ngala wish all our Families a safe and Happy New Year.

We will be taking a small break from 20th December 2021 to 3rd January 2022.

If you require assistance during this time, please call our Parenting Line support service on 9368 9368

or country line 1800 111 546.

Alternatively, email and we will follow up with any requests in the New Year.

Happy Holidays!


Individual Consultations

30-minute consults with a Ngala Child Health Nurse to discuss any area of parenting support or child development.

These can be provided by Video Conference or over the phone.

To book a session, please click here.


Country Dads’ SMS Service

Information, resources and tips for Country Dads sent via SMS or EMAIL.
This new service provides 12 messages over 12 weeks for dads with newborns, to help you to better understand dad’s role in bringing up baby.

To Register please click here


Facebook Group –  Live Chat / Tutorials / Live Sessions

Join a community of other country families on our private Facebook group and receive updated parenting tips, resources and connections.
We have Tutorial Videos, FB Live sessions (which can be viewed later) and interesting posts on all things parenting for children 0-8 yrs.

You can find us here: CountryFamilies@Ngala.


‘Live Chat’ via Facebook

Chat with a Ngala Child Health Nurse via Private Messaging.

You can access this service by joining our Facebook Group and posting your questions.

(please note this service may not be available on some days and it excludes public holidays)

Current Session Times Below:

  • Every
    • Wednesday 9am – 10:30am
    • Fridays 12pm – 1.30pm

Terms & Conditions:   Any information or advice provided to you through use of this application is given by a Ngala Child Health Nurse and is based on the best assessment of the issues you have disclosed over this application. If you are still concerned, please take your child or the child in your care to see a doctor, or Child Health Nurse.


Tutorials via Facebook

See our Ngala Child Health Nurse discuss various parenting topics through our pre-recorded videos.

You can access this service by joining our Facebook Group.


Surviving School Holidays 14th December

Age Covering: 5 – 8 years

Extended school holidays is such a welcome relief from the hustle of school, but is also a hefty change in routine for school aged children (and parents!). This tutorial looks at some simple ways:

  • to manage the time,
  • set up a conversation with your kids about expectations and
  • make the most of the time together.


Merry Xmas & Closure Details 20th December

Presenters: Jill & Jill


Live Sessions via Facebook (these can still be viewed)

Join our Ngala Child Health Nurse, ask questions and gain useful tips during our Live Facebook stream.

You can access this service by joining our Facebook Group.


Toddler Sleep – 9th December, 1:00pm 

Age Covering: 1 – 2 years old

Toddlers are developing fast, and their sleep changes a lot at this age.

Toddlers love to test their independence, so getting them to bed in the first place can be a challenge.

Please join me to discuss toddlers sleep needs, bedtime routines, day time naps and potential issues.



For more information please


call: 9368 9342


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