DadsWA was established in 1999 to deliver services and support for fathers, with a particular focus on the early years. DadsWA staff have 25 years of combined experience in working with and supporting fathers.

DadsWA emphasises the importance of fathers being an active and engaged part of the parenting team and the benefits this brings for child development.

Much of our work is centred on the early years and we provide regular online sessions for fathers-to-be and a three week program for new dads.  Information on upcoming sessions can be found here –

We also provide information and referrals for dads and mums seeking support for fathers through contact with services and groups.  Parents seeking information can contact our parenting line or DadsWA – [email protected]. Information on services and resources for fathers can be found here  –  Fathering Resources.

Through the work mentioned above, DadsWA has contact with over 500 fathers each year, as well as numerous service providers, and has gained a wealth of knowledge on the needs of today’s fathers and the services available to them.

DadsWA is seeking input from fathers/father figures who can draw on their lived experience to help us ensure we are meeting the parenting needs of fathers as best we can.  If you are interested in being a part of this, please email [email protected]



There’s not a lot out there that speaks directly to dads, which is why SMS4dads was developed. SMS4dads supports men in their role as fathers and increases awareness of their influence on baby’s brain development. It also helps fathers understand and connect with their baby and partner and checks in on their wellbeing; offering professional support if needed.

There are more than 300,000 babies born in Australia each year. That’s a whole lot of new dads navigating the challenges of parenthood.

Research shows that dads are hard to reach in parenting education and their engagement with health services isn’t great.

SMS4dads is available for new dads to join up and receive text messages and support straight to their phones from 12 weeks into a pregnancy and throughout the first year of parenthood.

SMS4dads is FREE.  It provides info related to the age and stage of your baby. It’s the info you need – when you need it, how you need it – straight to your phone.

Joining up is easy – and IT’S FREE!

To enrol, simply enter your baby’s due date or date of birth. If your partner is more than 12 weeks pregnant or your bub is under 12 months you join up by filling out a quick survey.

Once registered, you will receive three messages a week.

Some messages provide tips and encouragement. Others are health related, including looking after your bub, your own health and ways to support your partner.

To find out more or to register visit:

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