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Cnr of Murchison Rd and Carnegie Loop, Cooloongup WA

The Child and Parent Centre – East Waikiki is operated in Rockingham by Ngala Community Services, in partnership with East Waikiki Primary School. The Child and Parent Centre – East Waikiki listens and responds to parents and the changing needs of families and communities, to meet the challenges of raising children, by offering a range of inclusive, evidence-based support services.

While our centre is located at East Waikiki Primary School, it is available for the whole of Rockingham. Schools directly involved are East Waikiki Primary School, Cooloongup Primary School, Waikiki Primary School, Charthouse Primary School and South Coast Baptist College.

At Ngala we believe every child deserves the opportunity to be their best, and that parenting should be a joyful and rewarding experience.

Our Ngala team Tina, Kate, Christine, Cherie and Yvonne invite you to come and join us at our family-friendly Centre.

We have listened and heard the requests from families and each term, after consultation, provide a variety of playgroups, workshops and services to address the changing needs of the community.

All our activities, events, workshops and programs are free for the Rockingham community.

Services and groups offered at the Centre include:

• Early Parenting groups facilitated by a Child Health Nurse
• Speech Pathologist appointments
• Child Health Nurse services
• Counselling for primary school children
• Connections to other Ngala services – Parenting Line, Day Stay, consultations
• Playgroups to cater for different ages and stages in your child’s development
• Parenting workshops such as Triple P, Protective Behaviours, Circle of Security, Parents to Be, Sleep, Nutrition, Toileting and Guiding Children’s Behaviour, are offered both during the day and evenings.
• Specialised programs- Autism WA Therapy sessions
• Special fun family events to celebrate – Book Week, Children’s week, NAIDOC, Easter, Harmony week and much more.
• School Holiday activities – Pop-Up Playgroups
• Referrals to other services

Together, we work with parents to identify appropriate support for their families.

The East Waikiki Term 3 2024 Flyer is available now. Click on the link to find out more.

Alternatively you can contact us by phone 9367 0967 or email [email protected] or join our Child and Parent Centre – East Waikiki Facebook Group.

We look forward to meeting you and your family. Drop in and say hello soon.


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