Parenting a preschooler presents many new challenges and many new joys. Witnessing the change in development that comes with your child going to preschool can be heart-warming and exhausting.  

You will be required to listen to lots of stories as preschoolers try to articulate and make sense of what they have been seeing, hearing, learning and experiencing.  

New experiences and talents

Preschoolers will want to be more independent with doing things for themselves and will also want to be helpful around the house. Parents can offer encouragement and guidance to assist their preschooler to build their confidence as they learn to master new skills.  

Be patient and mindful to reward effort, not just outcomes. Sometimes things get messy or go a little wrong.  

Your child’s abilities, personalities and temperament will become a little bit more obvious. This can help parents to identify how they can support, nurture and guide their child through this stage of development. 

Your preschooler will develop new artistic talents whilst they are at preschool. You will be presented with works of art and craft that your preschooler will be very proud of, so make room on your fridge and walls!  

Working with challenges

Parenting a preschooler may bring new challenges for parents, such as another baby in the household or another baby on the way.  

For parents who work, it might mean that preschoolers need to be picked up from pre-school by someone else. You may be asked to be involved with the pre-school so you may need to negotiate time with your employer.  

Use of parental leave and sick leave may also increase as children are exposed to more illnesses in the class environment and bring those illnesses home.  

Good communication and co-parenting skills will help parents to manage these new challenges. Putting in place self-care practices such as eating healthy food and exercising are important to support good health and wellbeing for parents.  

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