Are you concerned about your child’s safety in the car, around traffic, or in driveways and car parks?

School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA)

SDERA has a range of road safety education programs that target children and young people from birth to 18 years of age, and their parents and carers. These programs are funded by the Road Safety Commission and contribute to the road safety strategy in Western Australia.  

The SDERA website and resources cover the latest in car restraint information, fun ways to engage children with road safety messages, and how to make play environments safe for young children. They focus on the importance of considering the safety of passengers, drivers and pedestrians in everyday life situations. 

Smart Steps

Smart Steps: Making safer choices is a road safety program for educators of young children under eight years of age. It supports a partnership between early childhood educators and parents and carers to guide young children’s learning in becoming safe and independent road users of the future.  

Want to know more?

Smart Steps: A road safety booklet for parents and carers of young children 

SDERA – Professional learning (for educators working with children and young people and their parents) 

SDERA: educating for smarter choices

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