Australian artist Olga Cironis gussied up a beautiful Cow for the City of Perth’s CowParade and Ngala Kensington is lucky enough to be its permanent home.

Telethon7 Perth chose ‘Blue’ for Ngala because of the bright splashes of light blue colour all over her body.

But to artist Olga Cironis, the meaning runs deep.

Covering the cow in woollen blankets, like that of wrapping and stitching into place, is an act of protection or hiding.

In this work Olga Cironis is thinking of these animals being herded onto live animal export ships, their bewildered eyes searching for answers.

This work is linked to Olga’s practice of covering and hiding, while at the same time exposing silenced narratives, exploring identity, corporality and belonging to the cultural and natural landscape.

We’re honoured to give Blue a loving home. If you stop by Ngala Kensington, you can check her out at the front of our building. We’ve given her some shrubs to munch on.

The Cow Parade is a world-wide phenomenon having taken place in New York, Paris, Hong Kong and in fact 79 cities around the world since 1999.

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