Ngala’s Ngalang Moort Ngalang Kurlangah program recently presented the Our Children Our Future Aboriginal Early Years Forum in Midland.

The forum was an opportunity to bring together local services and organisations who work in the early childhood sector, to collaborate, network and establish pathways for working in partnership, so that Aboriginal children will thrive, are confident and successful in their early years.

Throughout the morning, guests listened to speakers on topics including transitioning to school, identifying children who may be at risk of learning challenges, support for children with developmental delays, the importance of dads and the need to support early brain development.

You can read the full list of speakers and topics here:

Transitioning to school – early childhood education – Gail Barrow – Early Childhood Specialist Teacher : Gail shared information about transitioning to school – early childhood education and the impact this has, and continues to have on Aboriginal children. Gail also shared stories from her own lived experiences.

What do school screening letters mean? Ann Carmody-Senior Speech Pathologist : Ann shared the meaning of school screening letters, explained how the screening assessment process worked, and the steps taken to identify children who may be at risk and need extra support in the classroom or further diagnosis.

Supporting Aboriginal children with Developmental Delay and/or Disability (0-7 years) – Lennett Sandy and Roma Kolatowicz – Wanslea ECA : Lennett and Roma talked about supporting Aboriginal children with Developmental Delay and/or Disability (0-7 years) and shared the NDIS funding process and criteria information.

Supporting Dads in the Early Years – Jon Blurton – Strong Father’s Program (Indigo Junction Midland) : Jon shared his life line story, who he was then to who and where he is now. John’s powerful presentation outlined his journey to overcome barriers, to become a positive role model for other Aboriginal men though the Moorditj Maaman program, located in the Midland area.

Growing Strong Brains® – Jacquie Taylor – Aboriginal Project Officer (Ngala) :
Jacquie shared with us the Growing Strong Brains® Toolkit and how it is used as a portable yarning tool to talk with families about pregnancy, early brain development and growing up strong and healthy kids.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers and supporters, including Trudy Snow for being our Emcee, Aunty Vanessa Corunna – Local Noongar Elder, for her moving Welcome to Country, and the inspiring Corroboree for Life Dance Group, whose performance reflected the confidence and pride of our young people who connect to culture through dance.

Thank you also to Marissa Verma from Bindi Bindi Dreaming who spoke about cultural/traditional Aboriginal food and flavours and provided an incredible lunch for our attendees.

Together we are supporting Aboriginal children and families to achieve positive outcomes through quality early childhood education and learning through the early years.

A huge congratulations to the Ngalang Moort Ngalang Kurlangah team on coordinating and delivering a fantastic forum for the local community.