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Ngala offers evidence-based professional development sessions on a range of topics to support your practice. Sessions draw on the practice wisdom of Ngala facilitators and the experiences of participants to provide engaging, interactive learning sessions.

Hundreds of practitioners from government and non-government organisations have provided positive feedback after participating in Ngala’s professional development sessions. Practitioners and students attend from the areas of child health, parenting and family support, social work, child care, education, child protection, psychology, youth work, and community development.

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Building Brains

Information and up-to-date research on early brain development and how it links to relationships, behaviour, and learning.

Practical ideas are demonstrated to help share this knowledge with parents in easy to understand ways. Learn more about:

  • how the brain’s architecture is built and sensitive periods in brain development;
  • the importance of play and positive relationships to healthy brain development; and
  • how early brain development is linked to optimal life outcomes.

Collaborative Partnership Practice

Collaborative Partnership Practice is a strengths-based model that guides practitioners in the process of working effectively in partnership.

Explore a process to effectively guide the engagement, motivation and support of others to make positive changes.
The process emphasises the importance of:

  • working in a holistic and respectful way;
  • considering contextual issues, avoiding assumptions;
  • identifying existing knowledge, skills, and experiences;
  • empowering others to make decisions and set goals; and
  • having clear roles and boundaries.

Engaging and working with fathers

Find out how you can engage more fathers, and why it is important, presented by Ngala’s DadsWA.

Using examples from research and everyday practice, this practical, interactive session covers:

  • benefits that engaged fathers can bring to their children;
  • where fathers are at today and what information they seek;
  • ways to facilitate engagement with fathers in your practice; and
  • thinking three rather than two plus one.

Group facilitation

What does it takes for a group to function well?

Develop a deeper understanding of the basics and process of effectively facilitating a group. Learn more about:

  • the facilitation process and skills;
  • adult learning styles;
  • roles of a facilitator; and
  • the art of co-facilitating.

Nutrition in the early years

Update your knowledge about nutrition, linked to current research on the early years.

Children’s growth, development and changing nutritional needs are covered. In addition, strategies are explored to support parents around:

  • managing the ‘fussy stage’ toddlers often go through when new foods are offered;
  • cutting through the advertising bombardment; and
  • planning nutritious meals.

Understanding and managing children’s sleep

Explore the underlying issues that affect sleep.

Gain a deeper understanding of the factors impacting on infants’ and children’s sleep, including brain development and attachment. Issues are explored from a strengths-based, outcomes-focused perspective. Offered as an introductory level half-day session and a more in-depth full-day session. The full day session includes:

  • case studies;
  • group discussions; and
  • practical strategies around sleep and settling.

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